Why Choose Us?

From the early days of remote control helicopters to the current generation quad copters, Capital Wireless have been enthusiasts from the beginning.  Starting as enthusiastic hobbyists they saw the opportunity to put the skills already learned into practice.  Having been asked numerous times by friends to shoot videos and take pictures it was time to take it to the next level with the licensing and certification.

Meet The Team


Dan is the Chief Remote Pilot for Capital Wireless. He is also the Accountable Manager and responsible for ensuring the safety of each flight.

As chief drone pilot, Dan has worked with many production companies for end clients such as Antin IP, Jaguar Land Rover, Infinity (Nissan), Channel 5 / Netflix.

Skills: RPQ-s (Resource Group), CAA Licensed, Adobe Suite: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop.

Capital Wireless are experienced UAV pilots and are fully trained and qualified. Every pilot holds the Remote Pilot Qualification (RPQ) and are licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Tools Of The Trade

We use a combination of the DJI Inspire Pro and DJI Phantom depending on the situation.  These UAV’s have great mobility and outstanding flight performance in a range of conditions. They are easy to setup and quick to get in the air, which helps to bring down the costs of Aerial photography and filming service  while still being able to achieve professional results.

We also offer a dual operator ability which allows the camera gimbal to be controlled completely separate from the main controller which allows for more dynamic shots as well as allowing the client to find the perfect angle.

The X5 UAV Camera


Video CaptureResulutionFPS (PAL/NTSC)
4K 4096p
UHD 3840p
24, 25
25, 30
Full HD 1080p1920×108024, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60

Each flight last about 12 to 15 minutes.

The X5 is unique as it also has the option of a very flat D-Log colour space (D-Log is a special gamma created for post production / editing purpose) which can pick up a larger and more dynamic range which makes it more suitable for heavy grading.  This helps achieve better results in post production.

Still Images ResolutionShutter SpeedLensf-stopField of View
4608x34568s to 1/8000sOlympus 12mm
DJI 15mm (Panasonic)
Olympus 25mm
Olympus 45mm
84° (wide)
72° (standard)
47° (narrow)
27° (very narrow)