Aerial Surveys

Aerial Surveys

Sometimes getting a birds-eye view is the only way to gain a real perspective of your surroundings.  You can get a sense of scale and positioning and by using our service you can get data that is usable in a number of applications.

Professional Quality

All images and data are captured on a 4k ultra-HD camera which gives outstanding results and data output

Accurate Data

Using the latest in UAV equipment the data we gather is usable in a wide range of applications & industry’s

Cost Effective

UAV Surveys are more affordable, quicker and have less safety risks than scaffolding and access platforms.

Reaching Those 'Hard To Reach' Areas

We specialise in construction surveys for buildings and rooftops providing a safer platform for gathering data as well as conducting inspections. Our operators can offer advice as well as hi-definition images , videos and information that can be passed on to the structural engineer for sign off.

We can also provide aerial surveys for various other commercial applications including, surveying land for property development and boundary disputes as well as GIS mapping for agriculture.

We Can Help You With:

Construction  |  Mining  |  Inspections  |  Environmental Monitoring  |  Agriculture  |  Real Estate  |  Aerial Photogrammetry  |  Cultural Heritage, or Archaeology sites  |  Land Disputes  |  Hazardous Environment Inspections


We are also specialists in using advanced photogrammetry software that uses images captured from a plotted course to create professional orthomosaics, point clouds, models and more.

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Capital Wireless are experienced UAV pilots and are fully trained and qualified. Every pilot holds the Remote Pilot Qualification (RPQ) and are licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority.